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● 1 sheet light brown felt fabric*
● 1 sheet dark brown felt fabric*
● 1 sheet black felt fabric*
● googly eyes
● cotton balls
● hot glue gun

Cut 2 large circles with light brown felt. Cut 2 small circles with dark brown felt. Cut 1 little circle blank felt.

I sewed my 2 large circles, but you can just hot glue them. Just put a little glue around the edges of one circle, but leave a space (gap). Press other circle together. Stuff with cotton balls. Then use hot glue to close gap. Hot glue rest of items on.

Cute idea! 


Make a masterpiece that will shine bright during the day and glow at night using just a few materials:


Broccoli and Cheese Egg Casserole - An egg casserole mixed with vegetables is a quick and delicious breakfast choice #eggs #cheese #sargento @Inside BruCrew Life

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Source for the post: Click


Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn

This just took snack food to a whole new level!



Young children learn by imagining and doing. When a child engages in pretend or dramatic play, he is experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. That’s why all kinds of puppets and theatre crafts are so popular. Today I decided to make a simple cardboard puppet theatre with a…

Very cute idea!


Spice Scented Playdough {Tutorial}

Found at: funathomewithkids

Malteser Cakes!

Me and the kids made Malteser cupcakes today which were yummy! We mixed up a normal vanilla cupcake mixture, then added a malteser into the centre of each cake before cooking. They tasted lovely and looked pretty good too!


21 Outdoor Ornaments

So many of these are made with things in nature or around the house - this list is so great!

Some fab ideas here! 


 Fruit and yoghurt roll-ups


Salt dough creations! (Quick bake!)

Today me and the kiddies decided to make some salt dough. We used the following method - 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of cold water and 1 cup of flour. You can also use food colouring if you want a little bit of colour in your dough :) Start by adding the salt & flour to a large mixing bowl. Then stir in the water slowly. Please note the mixture should be more dry then wet. Knead and add water until you have a ball of dough. We then add the food colouring at this point as it gives a lovely ripple effect in the dough! The kids chose to add red colouring today. 

The kids then rolled, cut, shaped, moulded and created to their hearts content. They made stars, people, vehicles & food items. They even made a teensy teacup! Once they had finished and were happy with what they made, I popped them individually in the microwave and zapped them for 30 seconds at a time. (Keep checking every 30 seconds as they can burn easily!!!) Thicker models will take several zaps to be dried out. When cooled, the kids painted their models :) They loved the whole of this activity, not just the end product but the entire process! Very therapeutic too! :) 

Hi, I'm Claire and mummy to 2 wonderful kiddies :) We live in the UK :) We love making, cooking & crafting and most importantly having fun!!!! I'm hoping to share some of our lovely makes with you and ideas to inspire :) I also reblog fab kids craft ideas and food ideas. Please check out my archive as Im always adding new posts! Thanks for visiting :)

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